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Pelham Grayson Rose

Pendulum - Polished Gemstone

Pendulum - Polished Gemstone

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Polished Pendulum on a silver chain.

Red Jasper, Rose Quartz or Opalite

A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect you to your higher self and Source, by asking questions to help guide, clarify, and raise your awareness. A pendulum can be used in various scenarios where you want to gain a little more clarity, connection, or a better understanding of something. You can ask the pendulum questions about life, love, health, career, money—whether simple or complex.  Trust your intuition, and allow yourself to be shown which pendulum is right for you.    

All pendulums come with a Cactus Jane guide.

***Please Note*** Due to Mother Nature, the pendulum you purchase may vary slightly in color, shape, and size.

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