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Mermaids - Illustrated Gift Book - Vintage Art

Mermaids - Illustrated Gift Book - Vintage Art

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Seafarers have long told tall tales (or, should we say, tails) of mermaids, those beautiful creatures of the oceans. These stories are splashed across the pages of history - tragic, romantic, and fortuitous all at the same time. This book celebrates the mermaid in all her guises, from her friendship with children to her music and her hair. With caring precision, Laughing Elephant has combined our own musings, with quotes and tales from mermaid literature, and rare illustrations from our famous archives, creating a treasure trove of information on our fishy friends, and a truly unique read. This anthology is the ideal read for children to learn about and celebrate these magical creatures.
Laughing Elephant's Mermaids is perfect for the young reader or fantasy-lover in your life. A comprehensive collection of mermaid magic, the collected illustrations, and the stories in this book are enough to capture any child's imagination - just don't let the mermaids capture them for good.

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